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Your Digital Brand

We all know the general concept of a brand; a symbol that represents an organization’s services, values and identity differentiating it from it’s competitors, all whilst sending out strong messages or emotions.

So essentially, your brand is what represents your company and how everyone in the wider public views it. 

Communicating your brand appropriately with your audience is the marketing process known as Branding.

Although newly found digital channels have given us a wider scope and more means to reach our audiences, unfortunately they have also caused another issue that mostly goes unnoticed – Brand authenticity.

If your digital image does not reflect your company culture and brand identity as a whole, do not expect high conversion rates from potential customers.

Simply put, maximizing online effectiveness is not just creating and developing your digital brand, but rather aligning it with your organization’s actual nature.

The Global Transformation

In this modern age of technology, the fact is almost everyone is digitally accessible. With the availability of smart phones, tablet devices, computers and even smart TVs and home devices, you could say that being digitally active is inevitable.

A recent study by the Digital Marketing Institute found that 70% of people under the age of 65 use digital technologies on a day-to-day basis. Another article also published by DMI maintains that 55% of start-ups and small-medium sized businesses are adapting digital marketing strategies with that figure jumping to 80% for multi-national corporations.

The reason more and more are relying on digital technology is simple. From the end user’s point of view, we can reach people and get updates on almost anything with the click of a button.

However from the perspective of an organization, going digital means cheaper, faster and wider spread campaigns that will ultimately lead to more exposure, awareness and eventually, conversions.

Digital Empowerment

Ok so far we’ve been speaking about the benefits of applying digital marketing techniques to eventually reach more and more of your target audience and well, the advantages are quite obvious. However when we speak of digital empowerment, we have to look deeper than just the end goal of reaching and converting customers; there’s also how to get there. Let’s not forget about the ways digital technology can benefit an organization’s means to get there – its internal operations.

Even running your company is now a lot smoother, easier and more cost-effective with the introduction of specialized business hardware and software available for absolutely every department. From Human Resource tasks such as Performance Management and Employee Time Keeping to electronic filing and payment databases for your accountants and of course customer care solutions for your sales and marketing team, you can easily empower your company and it’s staff to do a lot more, and with ease.

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